Feb 132014

Mobile technology has changed the game entirely, empowering customers with social media communication and word-of-mouth referral tools at their fingertips 24/7. And now that the customer is controlling your brand a bit more, it’s imperative to deliver what works for the customer – allowing them to engage whenever they want, wherever they are, and on whatever devices they choose. Companies taking full advantage of technology and social media tools to engage with their customers are enjoying a significant competitive advantage. Our opening keynote will delve into the convergence of technology, social media, customer service, marketing, PR – and the disruption of today’s current model. Learn how to use technology to turn your customers into your newest – and most powerful – brand advocates and ambassadors.
Capturing the heart of the digital consumer means joining them in that journey which can be disruptive yet exciting at the same time. Great opportunities exist for providing outstanding customer experiences in this environment. Our Day Two keynote will unfold one such journey of a brand seeking to engage its fanatical customers in new ways.

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